About us

Who we are

We're Hana and Sarah and we share a love of good food, coffee and cake. After years of experimenting in our own kitchens and working in hospitality we decided to bring our dream of opening our own cafe to life, so that we can spread our passion for baking and feeding people. We are both foreigners (Hana is from Austria and Sarah is from the U.K) and we are excited to bring elements of our favorite national delicacies to hom, so on our menu we offer vöslauer mineral water and Almdudler from Austria, and Marmite and baked beans from the U.K. Have no clue what they are? Come by and give them a try!

What we cook

We make everything ourselves in our cozy kitchen at hom, and we believe in freshness and quality which is why our menu is constantly changing to incorporate seasonal food. So come by and check out our special daily menu to try something new! We promise it will always be delicious, because we make everything with lots of love! We always have a load of vegan options and we also offer sugar free treats for those who are avoiding refined sugar - we salute you!

What we're doing


We are available for hire! Are you looking for a place to celebrate something special? We can provide our beautiful space with great atmosphere, food and drinks and personalized service for any event. Birthday parties, Wedding receptions, Baby showers... you name it! Just get in contact and give us as much information as you can so that we can get back to you with an offer. Disclaimer: we can only stay open until 10pm because of our license!


Coffee Circle

On our hunt for the best coffee in Berlin to serve at hom, our choice was clear! The Sidamo locally roasted coffee from Coffee Circle is really, truly delicious. Drink it black or with any milk - be it soy, oat or cow and let your mouth be delighted by the flavours of caramel and dark berries. Drinking a cup of this coffee is also good for your conscience because part of the price goes directly back to funding drinking water projects in Ethiopia.


Loose leaf tea at its finest! We're serving a collection of mouthwatering teas which are guaranteed to satisfy everyone. Blended here in Berlin with love, and served by us at hom hot or cold, perfect for any weather!

Sneaky Rabbit

Handmade skin care, cruelty free with ingredients you can recognise.

Feuer Zeug Keramik

We are proud to sell a selection of beautiful hand made ceramics from a talented Berlin based potter. Perfect as a gift or to treat yo’self, because who doesn't love a proper mug for your afternoon cuppa.

Nowak Draws

Hilarious Berlin based cartoonist Joseph Nowak is selling a selection of postcards and books at hom, and we LOVE them! Also great as gifts to make anyone giggle, come and check them out..


We are so excited to partner with DOCH, an art collective based here in Berlin. They organise exhibitions and events with amazingly talented artists from across the globe. Check out our Facebook site for their upcoming events at hom.


Jedes Jahr werden allein in Deutschland ca. 2,8 Mrd. Einwegbecher für Coffee-to-go verwendet und nach einmaligem Gebrauch weggeworfen – 320.000 Becher pro Stunde. Abgesehen davon, dass man damit einen Becherstapel bis zum Mond errichten könnte, bedeutet das auch unnötigen Ressourcenverbrauch und eine unnötige Belastung für uns und unsere Umwelt.
RECUP verzichtet auf all das und hat eine Lösung parat: Kaffee im schicken Mehrwegbecher – und das im praktischen Pfandsystem.